Custom Wood Housewarming Gifts for Anyone / Perfect Closing Gift for Realtor in Cypress, TX

The best way to show your joy to a new homeowner or for a realtor to show their appreciation is by giving a housewarming gift.  A first-time homeowner is sure to appreciate a personalized gift to help them remember this important moment in their lives. 

A gift from a realtor shows their gratitude after the entire purchasing process has been completed and also strengthens the relationship after sale.  This could ultimately lead to referrals.  

Below are three custom handcrafted gift ideas that cost $100 or less!

Personalized Stovetop cover

The first housewarming gift is a personalized stovetop cover. Stove top covers dress up your stove top for parties/gathering since many party goers congregate near the kitchen. These can also be a great conversation starter. The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in a home and it's the social hub where families share stories, eat together, and children do their homework.

What are the advantages of using a stovetop cover?

A stovetop cover will make this area warmer distracting from all the metal appliances.  Since your able to customize the wood species, stain, and message, the cover can blend into any style of kitchen. 

See more pictures of the personalized stovetop cover here!

 Custom wood floating shelves in bathroom

Custom wood floating shelves are the second perfect housewarming gift to please any homeowner in Houston, TX. They help solve the storage problem that is often a major priority while decorating a home. An ideal location for a set of floating shelves would be the bathroom wall behind the toilet.  Custom wood floating shelves allow you to store your extra toilet paper and decorations in an arms reach!

See the versatility of our custom floating shelves including a video!

Floating shelves are your ideal solution for your organization problem in this must-use room. They also help contrast against the color of the toilet making the bathroom a little more welcoming for guests.

See more pictures of the custom wood floating shelves and the variety of stains available!

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Wood Receipe Stand can hold cookbook and tablets

Lastly, a simple yet practical housewarming gift in Cypress, TX would be a cookbook recipe stand. There's nothing more welcoming in a home than a home-cooked meal. That's what the cook book recipe stand represents. Not only can this elegant versatile wooden stand hold cookbooks but also an IPad or Amazon Fire tablet. 

See more pictures of the recipe stand.

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