(Video) Versatility of our Custom Floating Shelves - See them in the Wild!!!

Shelving is necessary in every home.  Floating shelves in Houston, TX have numerous benefits and helps your organization while also having significant aesthetic appeal. 

Since Father and Son Crafts floating shelves in Cypress, TX are made of pine wood the grain pattern will stand out differently on each piece.  This trait not only makes them unique but also adds to the rustic beauty each shelf exhibits.  Check out examples of our floating shelves in the wild below.

The versatility of floating shelves can be seen by their intended uses and what they can hold.

There are numerous reasons why floating shelves are the way to go.

  • able to decorate the wall with a customized piece of furniture
  • filling in a void while utilizing wall space in an niche or alcove
  • more economical choice then having a built-in
  • able to utilize difficult spaces such as in the corner of a room

Floating shelves can hold various things including:

  • seasonal or year around decorations
  • books and pictures
  • everyday necessities such as toilet paper, deodorant, etc.
  • keeping toys and such off the ground when combined with storage baskets  

Custom wood floating shelves can be utilized in every room of the house. The custom nature of these shelves means that the depth and thickness can vary depending on the size of the area being installed. A larger area requires a thicker shelf and smaller area a thinner shelf.

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Wood Shelf Mantel in Houston, TX  Wood Mantel in Cypress, TX

Wood Mantels for Fireplaces

A wood shelf mantel is perfect when updating your living room. Having a wood mantel for the fireplace allows you to get rid of the traditional fireplace and make it your own.

Thought must be put into the distance that a mantel is placed above the fireplace for safety reasons. "As a general rule, a mantel is placed about 12 inches above the fireplace opening. Add an inch to the distance for every inch that the mantel protrudes." 

These wood shelf mantels can have a simplistic design as shown above or they can be customized further. By adding edge trimming you give them a grander appeal. The options are endless.

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wood shelves for wall niche floating shelves for arch niche cypress, tx houston, tx

Floating Wood Shelves for Wall Niche

Wall niches are common in homes all over the world.  Most people see this area and struggle to find something that truly works with it.  They typically end up putting something tall on the bottom ledge or artwork against the wall. Boring! 

Using floating shelves for arch niches allows you to utilize the height of the space more effectively. The area is then divided into sections meaning you can display items in smaller height without them being overshadowed by the large empty void. 

By using wood shelves for wall niches the area is then partially decorated before you even begin placing items on the shelves.  You can even add edge trim to the shelves in order to match the existing trim around the wall niche.

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Floating shelves for bedroom bedroom with floating shelves

Floating Shelves for Bedroom

A bedroom is the perfect place for floating shelves! There's only such much room that your dresser and night stand have. These pieces of furniture should hold your commonly used items such as a clock and lamp.  A bedroom with floating shelves allows you to move pictures, trophies, and decorative items off these surfaces to display on the wall.

By adding floating shelves for the bedroom, I was able to display my sons baseball trophies.  Moving these signs of achievement from his dresser to the empty space on the wall meant a much longer life span for them.  His bedroom with floating shelves now looks complete.


Floating shelves in bathroom floating shelves for bathroom wall shelves for small bathroom

Floating Shelves in Bathroom

Have you looked around your bathroom lately? Do you have extra toilet paper siting neatly in the corner on the floor or on the back of the toilet? It shouldn't be!

The wall behind the toilet is the perfect location for a floating shelve for bathroom. These bathroom hanging shelves allow you to store your extra toilet paper, odor remover sprays, decorations, and whatever else you'd like.

Installing wall shelves for a small bathroom is your ideal solution for your organization problem in this must-use room.  They also contrast against the color of the toilet making the bathroom a little more homier and friendly.

Check out our rustic toilet paper stand which can be stained to match your floating shelves.

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 Floating shelves by fireplace floating shelves next to fireplace

Floating Shelves Next to Fireplace 

Floating shelves are perfect when wanting to accentuate your fireplace wall. Floating shelves by the fireplace allows you to bring the unique wood grain to the wall giving it character.  With additional light as shown above you can showcase this area even more.  

Having the floating shelves by fireplace or floating shelves above tv allow you quickly customize this important wall unlike the higher cost and longer time seen with a built-in. 

Customized floating shelves are the way to go!!!  Installation services are available if you live in the Houston, TX or Cypress, TX area!

Father and Son Crafts strives to exceed your expectations when it comes to floating shelves.  Read our article about our farmhouse table were we started innovating and using a new sanding technique. This new process has greatly improved our quality. Click here to read.

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