Quality Build Farmhouse Barn Door Cabinet in Houston, TX

What better way to showcase your home more then a custom-made sliding barn door cabinet!  Cypress, TX based Father & Son Crafts can build your custom farmhouse style console to meet your every need. These unique sliding door consoles will add that southern charm to any living room, game room, restroom, and many other living spaces.

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Father & Son Crafts takes great pride in the quality build of these solid wood sliding barn door consoles and can deliver to Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.  The length, depth, and height can all be adjusted to accommodate your needs.  Some examples of our past customers’ requirements are listed below.

  • having multiple shelves
  • needing a specific height clearance in between shelves
  • requiring a hole on the top to allow for the placement of a sink
  • providing a maximum depth

All of these requirements are carefully thought out while designing the sliding barn door cabinet in the initial project phase.  The structural integrity of the farmhouse console is of the upmost importance during this time.  As an example, we add more cross braces in the frame where the top rests on.  This allows a greater amount of weight to safely rest on top of the sliding door console.

8ft Long Farmhouse Console with Matching Floating Shelves

8ft long farmhouse console

Check out the various uses and locations for our floating shelves. 


4ft Long Farmhouse Console for a Sink

4ft long farmhouse console for sink


A Quick Journey Through the Farmhouse Console Building Process

Here is a picture right after attaching the edge trim to the front shelves.  Notice that we have glued this on which is why the clamps are attached. By using actual wood on these shelf edges and not a iron-on veneer like so many use we drastically increase it's durability.



Painting is a crucial step in the finishing process.  Father & Son Crafts is constantly learning and improving processes as we take on more projects. The key to any paint job is to make sure that it not only looks good but also feels smooth. This is accomplished by 2 coats of paint preferably with an epoxy type paint.  The entire barn door cabinet is sanded down in between these coats. 

 Painted farmhouse sliding barn door console


There are numerous styles of doors that the sliding barn door console can have. The doors can have thin or thick borders, glass or solid wood centers, cross or basic center, and many other configurations. Below shows doors with X style center and glass inlay. 

Sliding Farmhouse Door with Glass Inlay

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Learn about our farmhouse style sliding doors.

We can build your custom farmhouse sliding barn door console and install it in your home. We service the following zip codes. 77433, 77449, 77493, 77494, 77450, 77450, 77094, 77423, 77441, 77406, 77407, 77079, 77064, 77041, 77043, 77095, 77065, 77040, 77064, 77070, 77429, 77377, 77447, 77484, 77379, 77375

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