Floating Shelves

Father and Son Crafts is your destination for purchasing a floating shelf in Houston and Cypress, TX. Our floating shelves are designed and built to meet our clients sizing requirements. The size (depth, length, height) and stain are all customizable allowing you to have a truly unique shelf.  Every shelf is protected with multiple clear coats of polyurethane and easy to mount in a few steps.  We even offer installation services! 

Rustic Floating Shelves in Jacobean Stain (44" long x 11" deep x 6" high)

Custom Rustic Floating Shelves Shelf Cypress TX


Rustic Floating Shelves in Dark Walnut (36" long x 5.5" deep x 5" high)

Dark Walnut 3 foot long floating shelves Cypress TX


Installed Floating Shelves in Red Mahogany (36" long x 5.5" deep x 5" high)

Custom Floating Shelves Installation Services Offered


Classic Grey Floating Shelves (12" long x 3.5" deep x 5" high)

Classic Grey Floating Shelves 1 foot


Dark Walnut Floating Shelf (48" long x 3.5" deep x 5" high)

Dark Walnut Floating Shelf 4 foot long


Thin Style Floating Shelf in Special Walnut (4ft long X 10.5" wide X 1.5" thick)


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